Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

What's eating you?

Can you lose weight with hypnosis?

When trying to lose weight, there are so many myths out there are what you should do. Frustration can quickly arise when you go from one diet to the next, constantly denying yourself much-desired foods and ultimately, after the endless deprivation ending up at the same weight where you began. This leads to the cyclical yo-yo dieting and endless obsession over what is bad/good food. 

But dieting is not where the answer lies. The answer doesn't always lie in what you are eating, but rather in what's eating you. Overeating and other eating issues are tied to emotional issues. 

Our subconscious mind is the root of all of our beliefs, ideas and consequently actions. By simply changing our thoughts - and creating a real anchor - you can change your whole life and effortlessly lose weight. The way you think of your body, food, your beliefs about yourself - they're all tied together. 

Hypnotherapy is a revolutionary method that can reprogram your brain to alter feelings and associations related to food. This will enable you to have a healthy relationship with food, and as a result, have a healthy body at your ideal weight. This will result in rapid and permanent change.  

As well as stopping your compulsive eating, hypnosis can increase your motivation to exercise and engage in more activity. It can help you reduce portion sizes so you lose weight more steadily and healthily enabling long term benefits. 

Losing weight through hypnosis is mainly about teaching you how to feel good about yourself, whatever your size. It focuses on helping you to make healthy changes to your diet and transforming lifelong negative habits held around food and body image.

The Myth of Willpower 

Generally if you succeed in reducing weight using will power alone, as soon as the weight is lost, you often resume your old eating patterns and wham! that weight reappears again. Another common occurrence when using willpower alone, is that as soon as the main goal is removed i.e. slimming for a holiday, or an unexpected crisis arises, you have a tendency to slip back into your old habits. Therefore you need something more powerful and permanent than willpower to enable you to stick to your new healthy eating regime.

Remove your desire to overeat

  • Eat like a slim healthy person
  • Form a positive self image
  • Produce stronger feelings of inner strength and determination
  • Improve your feel-good factor, confidence and positive thinking
  • Reduce your stress levels
  • Sometimes there can be a subconscious reason to stay fat
  • Hypnosis can help to replace weight gain with something more healthy
  • Learn to love to exercising regularly
  • Learn not to use food for your emotions

Through hypnotherapy, you will see yourself effortlessly lose weight as you develop a PERMANENT healthier relationship with food.

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