Seeking a Montreal hypnotherapy or QHHT Session ?

Seeking a Montreal hypnotherapy or QHHT Session ?

Seeking a Montreal hypnotherapy or QHHT Session ?Seeking a Montreal hypnotherapy or QHHT Session ?Seeking a Montreal hypnotherapy or QHHT Session ?

Montreal's Very Own Hypnotherapist


I am here for you

My name is Estela Sasson, and as a professionally trained and experienced Montreal Hypnotherapist and Holistic Life Coach (Hypno-Coach), I have the tools and understanding to help you to create the life you imagine for yourself and develop a renewed sense of self

Whether you'd like to be happy and positive; trust your gut; stop overeating; or whether you'd like to attract that which you desire - I am here to help. 

I offer:

Past Life Regression Therapy

Life Coaching

 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)


What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy can be highly effective in treating psychological and physical illnesses. 

Hypnotherapy allows you to access the deeper wisdom of your subconscious mind and to resolve emotional issues at their core. By time travelling in the mind into your past, and reframing “negative” events into neutral or positive learning experiences, relief can be quickly brought to a lifetime of suffering.

I have had fantastic results with my Montreal  hypnotherapy clients when working with issues relating to smoking, alcohol, weight loss & nutritional motivation, sports performance, anxiety, phobias, anger management, and breaking many other unwanted habits.

If you're seeking a hypnotherapist and life coach in Montreal, and would like to understand more about hypnotherapy and how I can help with a particular problem, please contact me to arrange your confidential  consultation.


Hypnotherapy helps resolve emotional issues from the past, and to bring in new and empowering perspectives to help you manage your present and future with resilience.

The use of hypnosis has been endorsed by some of the largest Psychological and Psychiatric Associations. Since 1995, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has recommended hypnosis as a treatment for anxiety, smoking cessation, and several medical conditions as well as The American Psychological Association.

With hypnosis, you can often achieve your emotional goals within a single session

Serving clients from NDG, Westmount, Snowdon, Cote des Neiges, Cote Ste Luc,  Outremont, and in and around the greater Montreal area in the province of Quebec.

"My session with Estela was absolutely wonderful. I felt completely safe with her and discovered many deep truths about my life. It helped me see things clearly. I highly recommend having a session with Estela, she is amazing and her energy is very loving. " - Carly, Montreal QC

"One session with Estela is like eight months of talk-therapy. Diving below the rational mind allowed rooted truths and unrealized parts of myself to rapidly emerge. 

I would recommend her Past Life Regression or Hypnotherapy sessions to anyone interested in growth - whether it’s through playful exploration, or working past some of the greatest challenges we can face in (this) life!" - Barbara, Outremont, QC

"Estela was the most amazing guide. I got to see two of my past lives that taught me literally everything about why I am making certain decisions and how to let that go and embrace this new vessel I was given. We talked for hours before the actual hypnosis and it literally was like a therapy session. She is a gift to us all, everyone needs to go see her if you want to be more in tune with the universe and yourself." - Lucille, Hampstead, QC

"Working with Estela has been so special! She's such a kind and compassionate woman, and is filled with so much wisdom. Our conversations, combined with hypnotherapy, really lowered my anxiety and my addictive behaviours. I can't thank you enough! I feel like a new person and I love it! " - Julia,  Cote St Luc, QC

"I was a bit nervous about my QHHT session. But Estela put my fears at ease immediately with her soothing voice and her expertise. She is very warm and really takes the time to listen to you. You will absolutely adore her! " - Johanna, Montreal QC

"Estela is a wonderful coach. She exudes such positive energy and instantly made me feel comfortable and at ease. I believe she can help many who struggle with different issues, by using her unique and gentle approach." - Zoya, Tel Aviv 

"Estela is a gifted healer and I highly recommend her to anyone that would like to deepen their understanding of themselves and gain clarity on specific issues in their lives. I will be coming back again. Thank you Estela." - Esther F., Montreal, Quebec 

"Estela Sasson is amazing , the session i had with her was hypno mixed with past life. I love the fact she records every thing you say and then emails it to you so you can hear it any time. Her energy is loving and calming. I totally suggest everyone to have a session with her. Thank you Estela." - Daina, Notre Dame de Grace, Montreal, Quebec

"She had this power to put you in your mind and focus on what it s important in your life
Thank you very much!"
- Ester C., Montreal QC

"Estela is such a warm, welcoming, loving presence. Immediately, I felt comfortable and at ease with her. Her approach is gentle, patient, kind and nonjudgmental. It is easy to share and receive the benefit of her hypno sessions, where huge insights come from your own sharing. To experience this is to step into your future!" - Minda, Outremont, QC

These and more reviews can be found on my Google Business page