How to Prepare for Your QHHT Session


List of Questions

Before your session, it’s important to neatly write out (or print) a list of around questions or concerns you would like to ask your "Higher Self". Make sure to bring these with you to your QHHT session. It’s best to begin with the more important questions first.People seek to do QHHT for a variety of reasons, such as health, relationships, career, or anything life purpose-related. Below are a few categories and sample questions which might help or guide you with your own questions:


What is my life purpose? How can I reach the path of my highest purpose?
Should I move to another place? If so, where to?I would like to receive some clarity on a spiritual experience/dream I had. 


Am I in a relationship with the right partner?
Why is my relationship with a family member so challenging? What is the purpose of my relationship to this person (name) in my life?


Am I on the right path career-wise?
What should I do for a living?
Should I quit my job?
How can I get past my creative blocks?


I have a health condition (allergy, illness, pain, injury) -  does it serve a purpose?
What should I be eating for ultimate health?
Why can’t I seem to be losing weight?

Set a Clear Intention

After scheduling a session, make sure you prepare mentally and emotionally for it by setting your intention to have a successful session. When you do Past Life Regression Therapy, you communicate with your Higher Self, where energies, questions and answers come to you.


It’s important to note that greater part of you exists within you, not outside of you. So knowing that makes connecting with your Higher Self easier and allows it to flow more freely throughout the session.Take time to connect with your Higher Self, doing reflection work, and writing our dreams and thoughts.   

Relax and Meditate for an Ideal QHHT Experience 

On the day of your session, make sure to spend some time relaxing and quieting the mind - upon waking up and shortly before you session. I also suggest that you take a walk in nature to ground yourself, open your heart and relax. Meditate on the intention below: 


The energy and frequency that you feel and emanate are important in the days leading up to your session, so make sure you carve out some alone time for you to connect to yourself, your energy and your intentions for your session.

Each QHHT session is as unique as the person having it. So flow with it and allow you Higher Self to carry you on your journey, proving you with the answers and experiences you should have. Allow the experience to happen as it's intended to happen, without any expectations and receive whatever comes your way. Just relax into the experience. 

Whatever is meant to happen, will happen. Flow with the journey and know that all the answers come from within you - where your Higher Self is situated. 

To reiterate: each session is as unique as the individual having it, and is experienced in the way that you need to experience it for your highest good.

Below are a few expectations that should be kept in check: 

Healing. All healing that takes place in your session is Self-Healing. QHHT practitioners only provide the space and environment for the client to heal themselves. Keep in mind that practitioners  do not do any healing on you. Any energy work that occurs is integrated to the extent that you are open, willing and able to integrate into your own being. 

Hypnosis. Although this technique is called "hypnosis", it is not exactly that but more of a  metaphysical and spiritual connection for the client, rather than clinical hypnosis. 

States of Hypnosis. Most of my Montreal clients enter  the Alpha state of consciousness, a state in which you remain fully aware and conscious, but in a deeply relaxed and "meditative" state (much like daydreaming, or getting lost in a novel or film). It's important to note that though you are fully aware and conscious of the experience, the client enters a very profound trance level. Many people are often amazed at how far deep they traveled even though they were aware throughout.

Ego. The ego works with you when you make the right  intention. If you believe that you cannot have a successful session, your ego will make sure that happens. However, if you think you'll have a successful QHHT session and that you'll get the answers you are seeking, your ego will make sue to direct you in that way and make it happen. 

Meditation. I can't overstate the importance of taking time to relax the mind and body prior to the session, as it will help you access your Higher Self and align your energy with the intentions for your session. This will also help you to familiarize yourself with your ego and the roles it plays for you when you experience quieting your mind. Do you find your thoughts drifting? Do you find it easy to quiet your mind? Do you find yourself overthinking? Pay attention and make intentions with your ego. 

Intake of Information. Some people believe that they cannot visualize. However, there are many ways in which a person takes in information during their session. Some people do not get very clear visualizations, but they get a clear sense of "knowing" or "feeling". For example, they may not "see" that they are at a beach, but when asked, they "feel" or "know" that they are at a beach. Do not block yourself by jumping to the conclusion that you are unable to visualize or receive information. I have had clients come in thinking they cannot visualize, and are very surprised to experience very clear visuals or other ways to receive information when they are under the trance state. 

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