How Does QHHT Work?


Many of my Montreal hypnotherapy clients  fear that the hypnotist will take full control of their mind during a session of hypnotherapy — but nothing could be further from the truth! We enter a natural state of hypnosis every time we awake in the morning and for a few moments — we feel peaceful and very attuned to your surroundings. By undergoing a hypnotherapy session, we enter this state on demand. 

This example may better illustrate what you should expect during QHHT: 

Imagine sitting in a movie theatre and watching many scenes being played out on the screen. Though you may be fully absorbed, deep down you know that you're seated a few meters away from the screen and are not in the film itself.  

Hypnotherapy is not much different. You'll be seated or lying down, and will experience scenes from other lifetimes, or you will  receive answers to your questions from your higher self.  Either way,  though fully absorbed in the moment— you can disconnect at will.

How Long Does a Typical QHHT Session Last?

QHHT sessions typically take between 3-4 hours. However, time goes by very quickly. In those few hours, one tends to experience profound healing and understanding of themselves and their lives.

Interested in a hypnotherapy / hypnosis session? (Montreal and Montreal Greater Area)

I am based in the Montreal area, close to Notre Dame de Grace (NDG), Hampstead, Cote St Luc and Westmount. 

To book a session, click on the Contact link,  email me at or call at 514-943-0926 

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