What are the benefits of going to a hypnotherapist?

How Hypnotherapy can HELP you

Understandably, some people are a tad apprehensive when considering hypnotherapy as a treatment - and that's due to misconceptions from what has been seen on TV and in films.  

Few know the true benefits of hypnotherapy - so allow me to enlighten you. 

1. Hypnosis helps treat addictions – Any addiction is built up over time, depending on one's predisposition, temperament and genetics. The environment, upbringing and childhood experiences all contribute to making people more prone to addiction than others. 

Whether it's an addiction to gambling, smoking, food, alcohol - hypnosis can help kick those habits. By effectively reprogramming your subconscious mind, you can regain control of your thoughts and actions. Hypnotherapy has been shown time and time again to break addictions for good and prevent relapses.

2. Hypnosis helps you lose weight permanently –  Hypnotherapy has been shown to be 30% more effective in helping individuals lose weight than dieting alone. Hypnotherapy also helps people overcome their need to eat for psychological reasons and to always cave in to cravings. It reprograms your mind in such a way that you no longer desire what you used to crave and you see yourself in a different and more positive light. Thanks to  hypnotherapy, my weight loss clients feel slimmer, fitter and have more energy than before. 

3. Hypnosis powerfully manages chronic pain – Fibromyalgia, arthritis or migraines can be very difficult to live with. But with hypnosis, you can often bring down pain if you'd rather not use medication. Pain management through hypnosis can reduce the length of discomfort thus ensuring that you are comfortable and pain free for as long as possible.

4. Hypnosis reduces stress –  Chronic stress can lead to various illnesses, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and sleep disorders. Because hypnosis brings people into a deep state of relaxation in body and mind, it allows your whole being to recuperate, heal and repair as needed. The more sessions you have, the more relaxed and healthier you will feel. 

5. Hypnosis helps deal with childhood issues –  Childhood issues are caused by  abuse or simply a toxic or unhealthy upbringing. For those who've experienced difficult childhoods, they've often established tools to help them cope back in the day. What if these tools aren't useful anymore, or just plain harmful? Low self-esteem, low self-confidence, addictive behaviours - all of these can be helped with hypnotherapy. It's an excellent way of working through issues and replacing old negative messages with positive ones.  

6. Hypnosis helps with sleep disorders – Sleep disorders such as interrupted sleep or insomnia can cause a wide range of problems, such as obesity and addiction to sleeping medication, caffeine or other stimulants. Sleep disorders are notoriously hard to treat. Hypnotherapy helps treat the underlying psychological problem which is at the source of the sleep disturbance, while simultaneously bringing the body to a deeply relaxed state.

7. Hypnosis can help change unhealthy behaviours – Do you find yourself snapping at others? Do you often get irritated and angry? Do you have anger management issues? Hypnotherapy can powerfully and effectively can help you change your behaviour patterns through hypnotic suggestions. These suggestions are provided while you're in a profound hypnotic state, and replace  previous unhelpful messages with those suggesting you act in new, more appropriate and beneficial ways. 

Hypnosis can also help you access your past to better identify the underlying issues in your life which lead you to behave in the way that you do.  By undergoing hypnotherapy, you will not only benefit yourself, but also your entourage - be it colleagues, partner or your family. 

8. Hypnosis can help recover buried memories – Our life experienced are buried in our mind somewhere. Hypnosis allows you to access that part of your mind, which helps you understand why you feel or act the way you do today. This allows one to uncover behavioural patterns established in childhood and to then replace them with healthier ones. 

9. Hypnosis can treat anxiety and depression – Hypnotherapy can be used as an alternative to (or together with) medication. It is an effective way to calm the mind and body and rid yourself of anxiety.  By using hypnotic suggestions to eliminate the triggers of anxiety and depression, people can heal and live happy, productive and calm lives. 

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